Apple Mac

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Apple Mac

Hey there folks. I’ve been a tad busy of late and unable to post so apologies for that. I’ve had so much on my plate as late but finally there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and I am able to dedicate more time to the blog, thankfully. Ok, enough of my sob stories. Today I am going to talk about one of my favourite range of consumer products. The Apple Mac! These days when the word Apple is mentioned people tend to think immediately of the iPhone and forget that Apple made their name by producing computers and operating systems from as far back as the 1970’s. They had Apple Macs for sale online long before your iDevice was even conceived. Today Apple Inc sell some of the most desirable and technologically advanced home computers and laptops available. In this post I am going to take a look at the different computers on offer from Apple. Read more

Coffee Siphon

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Hello! I hope everyone has had a good week, mine has been swell! So as I have quite clearly made obvious I am very obsessed with kitting out my apartment with cool gadgets. The last thing I spoke about was an electric cork screw which really was a worthwhile investment, oh and I know you are all dying to hear how things went with the girl I was trying to impress…… She is still on the scene!! So I guess you could say things went pretty well. As it turns out she is also into her gadgets so all of the recent purchases I have made haven’t gone under appreciated! Aside from wine she also has a passion for coffee so I was trying to think of a cool coffee gadget that I could buy and I came across something called a siphon. I mean for someone who is a bit of a geek and loves their gadgets this is right up your street! They are literally like a science experiment but presented in such a way that oozes sophistication and cool. That’s the effect I am hoping for anyway!! So for those of you that don’t know what a coffee siphon is………… Read more


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Hi guys! How are you all! Thanks for coming back to my blog. It really is great to have a space where I can discuss everything and anything technology and electronics related with likeminded people! Your feedback has been really appreciated and I have learn a lot so please continue your support! Read more

Electronic Corkscrew

10/03/2016 Main

Hey guys, good week? Mines been pretty cool! So, back to business….we all know I have a bar in my house (I haven’t stopped banging on about it – sorry!) but I am a little obsessed with kitting it out at the moment with a few cool gadgets. So along with my new display fridge and ice crusher which have both proved their worth may I add, I also really wanted to buy an electric wine opener. The truth is I am dating this girl at the moment who is really into her wine. I on the other hand have a very limited repertoire (ok….I haven’t got a clue!) well, anyway, I thought this was a good excuse to brush up on my wine knowledge. I mean I have a pretty cool bar area now so I really need to have the skills and knowledge to go with it - if I am planning on impressing any ladies that is! Well the problem is I am really clumsy and tend to fumble a little with my hands, definitely not the best way to impress a girl. Well every bar needs a good cork screw and because of the clumsy, fumbling hand problem I thought an electric bottle opener would be the way to go plus they cool pretty damn cool. Have you seen them? So the one I decided to buy is called a Kalorik Wine Opener CKS 40211. Ok, it’s not for the faint hearted but I thought if I am even going to bother buying an electric bottle opener I may as well go the whole hog. It comes as a set with a wine pourer, a foil cutter and it even has the option to reseal the bottle once it has been opened – pretty cool right?! Here she is…… Read more

Display Fridge for my Bar

11/02/2016 Main

Remember last time I was talking about buying an ice crusher? Well I ended up settling for the Ivation IS80. It’s definitely good fun as I thought it would be and is easily worth the cheap price tag. I’ve spent the last week or two adding other gadgets to the bar. There’s a nice cocktail mixer set I bought that’s got everything you need to make some mean cocktails. I bought one of those electric wine bottle openers which is well cool and have stocked up on different types of glasses so I can serve the drinks how they’re meant to be served. Got wine glasses, whisky glasses, long glasses, shot glasses and martini glasses along with a few quirky cocktail glasses. I’ve got a mini dumpy style freezer that my auntie and uncle gave me so that’s perfect to store my ice cubes in. I’ve also bought frozen berries to go in some of the cocktails so having a standalone freezer will prove handy. Read more

Ice Crushers

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Welcome back peeps, enjoyed the read so far? Well anyway, I’m having fun so here goes my next article. This one’s going to be about ice crushers. I’m talking about ice crushers and I’m in the process of setting up a little home bar area where me and my mates can have a few cocktails and a mixer or two so I wanted to make sure I’d got a good ice crusher to keep the drinks nice and chilled. Read more


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Being a fan of music and movies and entertainment in general, I’ve always wanted a great set of speakers to go with it. I hate watching a great movie or listening to cool music without having some oomph behind, just doesn’t sounds the same! Friends of mine always had the best sounding speakers, but they did have to pay an arm and a leg for them,and I have never had the best-paid jobs. Read more

A few more Gadgets I’d like to Own

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Gadgets I Want!

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Man there’s always gadgets coming out that blaze my mind, I’m always keeping an eye on the news for what’s new. Here’s a few of my favourite gadgets that are coming this year and that hopefully I’ll get chance to try out at some point Read more

Tech Blog

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Come on in for a Technology fest. I’ll be discussing all my favourite technology, electronics, gadgets and all the shebang that comes with it so get involved and let me know any cool tech stories you’ve come across. Will be back in a little bit with the first of my entries so don’t go too far from your screen. Read more